About Me

My journey into mental health began with my Counselling BA (Hons). During this time, I realised my enthusiasm to work with children and young people and so I undertook my clinical placement in a Primary School. Since then, I have worked in primary, secondary and special schools and have extensive experience in leading and delivering counselling services in this setting. I am experienced in working with children from all levels of understanding and ages, including young people who have additional needs.

I have recently completed another counselling qualification supporting my specialism of Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling with the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London. This course has supported my practice by underpinning it with neuroscientific theory, deepening my knowledge of child psychotherapeutic theory and strengthening my communication with parents and carers. In response to the global pandemic, I have been fortunate enough to have received specific training on working remotely. Although this way of working is very different to face-to-face, the work can be just as beneficial and powerful. I am skilled and experienced in delivering online sessions to clients, allowing me to provide support to those who may struggle to access in-person counselling. We also gave time to further explore how Covid-19 might have affected different families in distressing and unforeseen ways.